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Peter DHaiti
Senior Web Developer
3 World Financial Center, 24th floor
New York, NY 10281

(718) 399-0961

Peter DHaiti is a Senior Web Developer from New York who has years of experience in the field with expertise in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJs, Polymer, PHP5, MySQL, SEO and more.

He received his degree in computer programming with honors in 2004 from Katharine Gibbs School in NYC, after getting his A+ Advance Certificate for Computer Repair & Troubleshooting from South Shore School, Brooklyn, NY in 2002.

Over the years he has worked with various institutions from medical facilities like Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center to specialized companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) where he was working as lead developer.

He started first as a administrative assistant in 2002 he has juggled through the field up to the point where after building enough managing experience he became a leading Web Developer and CTO in the field.

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See the Pen Peter's Portfolio by Peterson DHaiti (@dsonson23) on CodePen.

Latest Employers

Yeap Network, NYC

Yeap Network, NYC

Chief Technology Office (CTO)
2015 - Present



Senior Software Engineer Lead
2014 - 2015

Bernstein Medical - NYC

Bernstein Medical

Director IT and Webmaster
2013 - 2014

Latest Works

Yeap Network

Yeap Network

Yeap Network - Made with:

HTML5, CSS3, jquery, bootstrap, angularJs, PHP/MySQL

Moise Jean Charles

M. J. Charles

Made with Wordpress

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP5, MySQL Database

Longevity LLC

Longevity LLC

Made with Magento

Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS


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New York City, US

P: (718) 399-0961

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The Future is Now

I use the latest technologies like html5, css3, sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, angularJS, ajax, Json and JavaScript to get my clients up to date